When I had my first time travel experience
at the start of my saturn return,

I realized that I, from the future,
was my
imaginary friend I had when I was 4 years old.

That was the same time when I experienced
childhood sexual abuse. (I didn’t know about it then.)

The future me told my 4 year old the advice,
to never stop playing and so my life went like this:

At kindergarden I was drawing my own characters.

In elementary school, I finished writing and
as fast as possible so I could play and
create the rest of the time.

I went to an Art-Highschool where Theatre,
Dance & Art was just as important than
science & biology.

Then I studied Graphic Design and Design
for Virtual Theatre and Games, 
which led
me with one food into the 
world and one foot in the Games industry.

Then my saturn return came in 2014
and everything changed.
I started my spiritual journey
and started traveling the world for 4 years and
learned from shamans, wizards and witches from all over the world.
Being shamanically initated as an Energy Surgeon.

In 2018 I came back to The Netherlands
and started integrating all that I learned.
Healing my own childhood rape.

I learned more about the energyworld,
the underworld, mystisicm, constellation work,
Astrology, Archetypes and Inner Dragons,
that are connected to our nervous system.
I found my way to play while healing.
Because I just can’t stop playing, or I get really frustrated.

Healing these deep underworld layers and learning
Energy Surgery and mastering my channel for
inner child constellations, made me a profound
Magical child Guide for those who feel stuck,
want more play, magic and freedom in their lives.
Or for who want to blow up their business
with a thriving inner Magical child that plays!