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Hello amazing leader!

My name is pronounced Mapaiah and i’VE BEEN shamanically initated as a cosmic skydancer, to clear the quantum field of the audience

Background story

After waking up multiple times during nighttime,
in all kinds of weird positions like full bridge pose,
I felt my life turned into some kind of an exorsist movie.
When I realised no one could help me figure out what was happening to me,
I started traveling the world to seek answers.

When my journey brought me to South Africa,
I ended up being at an underground little festival full of witches and wizards.
I was just walking around, when I saw a man with a baby,
sitting on the ground with all these oracle cards layed out.

I came sit with them and the baby looked me in the eyes,
grabbed a card and gave it to me. The card said:
“Amaterasu”, the Sun Goddess of Japan. Come out of the Closet.

As I was just invited to come to Japan by someone.
I knew this is where I had to go next, even though
I didn’t had much money and was an illiterate.

In Japan I ended up couchsurfing in Kyoto at a Vegan Restaurant,
where I met a very special person who was playing the Japanese flute
at an Energy performance of a High Priestess.
She danced energetically with Amaterasu, the Goddess of the card the Baby gave me.
I learned how to work with and dance with energy from this Priestess.

I was then gifted antique kimono’s to create a costume out of it.
I didn’t know what for exactly back then, but as life unfolded,
everything started to fall into place.
I learned how to consciously become a channel for cosmic archetypes to do Quantum healing.


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