Helloo! My name is pronounced Mapaiah (Mango + papaya)

My real name is Marije, which comes from Maria.
But when I learned how to write my name at age 4,
I drew the R into a P, like above ↑

When I understood that growing up meant not playing anymore.
I didn’t want to grow up. My soul started a Quest,
to find out why adults were so serious.

This Quest led me through trauma,
through dangerous places.
It led me through the underworld.
Through the darkest places of my own psyche
and that of the world.

While experiencing all of this,
I had totally abandoned my own innerchild
while inner Dragons took the reign.

Perfectionella, Pleasabella, Saviorella, Prostitucy and Martyra
where busy controlling the outer world,
trying to protect my innerchild.

This is when my second Quest came in.
How can we change these energetic dynamics?

I went on a Quest in search for my inner Mystical Parents.
My inner Queen & King.
My Inner Khaleesi, who doesn’t fight with Dragons but rides them.

While on this Quest, I learned so much about energywork,
Psychic Surgery, shadowwork and alchemy.
Learning how to surrender more and more into the bigness of this Quest,
I started playing again and now I am here to help others with this too!