it would be such an honor to co-create with you!

I know how excited yet scary it can be to organise a retreat or event.
All the commitments. The unknown of will you fill your spots?

You have this beautiful vision and you want
to make the experience as amazing as possible!
Will you be able to make that vision practical realizable?

So let me make this co-creation as easy as possible for you!


Schedule a zoomcall with me below with Calendly!

You let me know your plans.
What kind of retreat you are creating. Where and when?
We can dream together what Performance wants to unfold for you.

Then we can calculate the travel expenses of me getting to your retreat.
Fee’s are €777 for the Performance. (excl. tax)

I’ll keep your date as an option in my calender and then
when you know for sure you’ll be able to add me
in your budget and your incredible experience.
We’ll arrange the things!