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If you lost your magical, playful inner child.
Fear not! She/he can come back to life!

I used to play, laugh and create ALL THE TIME. Dancing, singing, painting, fashion design, making art installations, (urban) games, Interactive theatre… ALL THE THINGS! My Art school was called “Design for Virtual Theatre & Games” where I had the time of my life.

Then my awakening came and my third eye started opening up. My arms started to react to energy. I started getting possessed at night and saw my arm transform into a transformer arm, clicking into a cosmic machine.

That’s when my creativity turned into darkness. I had fear of losing my mind and going crazy. Fear of losing my arm and never be able to create again.

I told myself to never stop playing, which kept my frequency high enough not to drown in the fear. So I could travel the world to seek for answers. Meeting several wizards, witches, shamans and High Priestesses from which I learned energywork.

Then I found out I was raped between age 4 and 6. The Karmic frequencies of that trauma recreated more traumatic experiences. Which became deep initations for my spiritual gift as an Energy Surgeon. I woke up to having transformer arms that can transform into energetic tools, to operate in the energyworld.

During this cycle of 7 years, I stopped playing and creating, focusing on healing myself. Even when I so badly wanted to, I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t create. I was energetically blocked all over the place.

With help from many shamans, healers & teachers; I learned to let my creativity, joy and play flow again. Using these playful frequencies also in my energywork.

Now I’m using my gifts & everything that I learned, to help you get in touch with your creativity and playful, magical inner child. So that you can freely express yourself.

Imagen your inner child being able to play freely every day. Not because it is running away from responsibilities, but because it takes responsibility for the frequency in which you create life from.

  • Are you able to express yourself freely?
  • How connected are you to your inner child?
  • Can you connect to all your emotions?
  • Where are you being held back to express yourself and why?

Free self expression is KEY to living a healthy life. Because it is what makes energy move. It creates mental health, emotional health and physical health. It let’s emotions flow. This way energy won’t stay stuck in your system that can create illnesses or depression over time.

On top of that, Living life from a playful magical inner child is what creates almost endless possibilities. I say almost, because there’s such a thing as Natural law that we have to work with to ground our creations. The magical child archetype creates an abundance of creativity, innovation and magical spark which can blow up whatever you are building in your life. Wether it is a career, a business or any Artistry. It just enhances the magic you already are!

When we work together, we don’t just do innerchild work, but also inner sovereignty and inner Dragon training (Archetypal shadowwork) that will help your inner child to shine and bring out all your gifts and talents to share with the world.

We’ll work with my Energy surgery ability and magical child constellations that give so much awareness on what is going on with your inner child and how to let the energy flow again, so that your inner child feels safe again to play.

My Psychic Surgery can reach really deep layers of trauma to heal, especially if you’re someone who has developed shadowwork skills.
I can see and clear the energy that comes up when you’re feeling through the layers, making it easier reach the deeper ones.

So if you’re feeling stuck, don’t waste your precious time trying to figure it all out by yourself.
We are here to help each other grow and change the world with our magic!

Ofcourse, depending where you are at on your journey, results and integration takes time. So there are three levels to work with me.
Depending on what you feel you need and how deep you want to go. In between every session is at least 2 weeks of integration time.

In the deeper packages, I also offer a special designed artwork for your inner child to support dark nights and heal deep rooted trauma.

If you’re interested to work with me,
you can book a free 30 min connection call BELOW and ANSWER the questions to feel if we’re the right match for eachother!

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