dragon training


In my world, Dragons are survival mechanisms or archetypes that manage your nervous system,
making you feel safe and secure in the world. But prevent you from feeling free to play!

These Dragons came online in your system when you were a child to keep you safe.

The reptilian brain manages our nervous system.
Dragons are very ancient reptiles.
They are patterns that have been in your ancestry for ages.

When unconscious of these dragons, they run the show in the background of your life.
They have the intention to “protect” your inner child in the short term, but their patterns are unsustainable and slowly destroy your dreams over time. 

These Dragons have their way to give away your power, that creates creative blocks and over time, can result into bankruptcy of energy, being tired all the time and possible illnesses.

You might be already familiar with these Dragons, but they go deep. They are Dragons for a reason. They are ancient reptiles and have been wired our neuropathways for ages.

Becoming a DragonRider takes time, dedication and effort. Which is what we do in my Mastermind “When Alice became Queen”


evolution of scorpio

Perfectionella is the dragon who always wants everything to be perfect.

She wants to protect the inner child by being perfect, so it doesn’t get shamed, ridiculed or blamed for doing something wrong. 

If you’re perfect then nothing goes wrong and life feels safe.
But this goes at the cost of yourself and your surroundings.

Perfectionella is over critical about you and the people around you.
She is critical about others to feel better about herself.

She wants to look perfect. Be Spiritually Perfectly aligned. Think perfectly. Act perfectly.
Perfectionella doesn’t take any steps unless every step is PERFECT!

On the long term she keeps you stuck and lonely because nobody can meet her expectations.



evolution of scorpio

Pleasabella is the dragon of the pleaser.

If everyone is happy, then I am safe.
Often Pleasabella has a lot of empathy and can feel other people’s feelings.

In order to feel good, she needs everyone else to feel good. And the best way to do that, is to make everyone happy by overgiving, pleasing, saying yes when you feel a no.

Pleasabella is scared she will be rejected and abandoned when she doesn’t please others. She’s afraid of conflict and wants “to keep the harmony”

But by doing her tactics of “keeping harmony” on the long term, she creates chaos and pain. and often experience the rejection she tried to prevent any way.

evolution of scorpio

Saviorella will save everyone from their misery
and will be such a good person because of that!

Oh yes! Saviorella loves to save the whole world,
even when she’s broke, sick and miserable herself.

Saving others is always a priority and she just can’t stop doing it.
Because she just feels so good from it.



evolution of scorpio

Prostitucy sells her soul to survive. If I just do this work that I don’t like, or if I sell my work for a lower price, then I will survive.

She also believes that working hard for her money is always virtue.

Prostitucy is the opposite of the Sacred Prostitute, who sells her body for the highest good of all as a Priestess or Healer.

evolution of scorpio

Martyra believes that the more suffering, the better!

Just like Jesus hanged for all of us on the cross,
Martyra is almost addicted to pain and suffering
because it gets a sense of value out of it.

Look at how much I suffer, I demand value and love,
because I am the one who needs it the most!




Just like the Dragon in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey, that needs to be “defeated” to receive the treasure it’s protecting. You don’t defeat the dragon by slaying it, but by hugging it.

Our reptilian brain activates our survival mechanisms when we are in danger. Unresolved trauma can bring our survival mechanism in loops, repeating itself until the emotion is integrated.

When we experience something painful or harmful, we activate survival mechanisms. These create certain beliefs, judgements and triggers. It has a reptilian energy, because it’s connected to the reptilian brain.

“Dragons are very ancient reptilians”

Which means that they are reptiles that have been in you and your ancestors DNA for very long. Beliefs, judgements and triggers have been given from generation to generation to generation to generation.

These beliefs have been wiring a huge ass web in your neuropathways. That creates all the survival patterning,which then creates survival archetypes; Dragons. These aren’t cute little lizards anymore. They evolved into big ass Dragons.

As we become aware of these Dragons within us. It is easy to try to fight with them. Because they often sabotage our desires and needs. The Dragon’s intentions are to keep you save and secure. But from this place, we can’t really grow and evolve. Instead, we devolve.

Their wiring creates horizontal ways of gaining safety and esteem. They get it from other people. Such as needing outside validation, getting your esteem by being perfect, saving people, putting yourself on a pedestal or people pleasing. It can create powerplays, drama and a lot of pain and suffering.

This is the old way of getting our needs met. Getting our esteem, safety and security from others. The new way is the Vertical way of our safety, from source and Gaia. Which is the way of the sovereign archetypes such as the Queen, the King, the Magician and the Magical child.

Dragon training is about loosening the grip of these survival archetypes with these ancient wounds underneath. So that The sovereign Archetypes can rewire the neuropathways. There where Plant medicine show you the doorway. Dragon training will let you enter the room.

It’s about learning how to Tame these Dragons. Because we will never ‘get rid’ of these Dragons, as they are part of our reptilian brain survival system. So we better start learning how to work together with them and stop fighting them. Stop wanting to ‘get rid’ of them. Stop wanting them to be gone. But instead become a Dragonrider and rule your own land with Dragons by your side.