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Maybe you feel like you could almost burst from all the creativity and power within you,
but somehow, your creative outlets feel closed off, no matter how hard you push or try.

Or maybe you feel like you’ve been pregnant with creative forces
that’s been build up within you, over years of time, that just can’t seem to get out!

Or maybe you JUST DESIRE TO PLAY MORE in y0ur business or/and in life!
Because it gives you the feeling of ULTIMATE FREEDOM!!

You are at the right place baby!!


Prices are incl. tax

You will;

  • Feel like a child who plays like no one gives a fuck.
  • Not give a fuck about people’s judgements on your creative self expression.
  • Show up for your creativity with more confidence
  • Feel more freedom, health, power & juicy within your body


My clients have had;

  • Creative breakthroughs in their online content creation
  • Breakthroughs in their Comedy career.
  • Breakthroughs in their coaching business.


In FREE TO PLAY you’ll receive;

  • 3x 2 hour sessions of 1 hour coaching and 1 hour Psychic Surgery to clear energetic blocks
  • 2 weeks of Integration time in between each session to see what layer comes up next
  • Questions in between the integration weeks answered!
  • A Magical child constellation (With the special Dutch Elfgame carddeck) to set your divine inner child up for play!

Prices are incl. tax

This is for you when you;

  • Desire more self expression
  • Just want to PLAY in life!!!!
  • Feel the creativity within you bubbling
  • Know you have it in you, no matter what.
  • Have done inner work & shadowwork before.
  • Are open to Energywork.
  • Are willing to co-create the results.

This is not for you when you;

  • Have never done any shadowwork or innerwork before.
  • Don’t believe in Energywork.
  • Want to be saved without doing anything about it yourself.
  • Rather stay stuck then do the work.

Prices are incl. tax


About Mapije;

I’ve always played and created my whole life, all the time!

Until I went through a spiritual awakening in 2014 that blew open my third eye and led me towards deep traumatic experiences.

I suddenly could see dark energies around me, while I was very vulnerable and couldn’t protect myself.

I saw my right arm, the one I create with, transforming into machine parts and clicking into astrological machines. Not knowing what I was doing, I was scared AF.

For years I couldn’t create. I was so scared. It made me miserable, depressed and unhealthy.

For a few years, I couldn’t come out of bed. I took small healing steps everyday to heal these trauma’s. I learned how to see in the dark and protect myself while alchemising myself into the light.

All this healing work developed into a spiritual gift as an Energy Surgeon and I discovered how to clear energetic blocks from my own and other people’s system.

This crazy journey made me the person who I am today, free to play again and I’m open to creativity like never before!

Playing alone is fun, but playing together is SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!
I DESIRE SO MUCH to use my gifts to help others free themselves up too! The time of co-creation is NOW!

I know how frustrating it is to not being able to be creative and not letting your energy flow freely. I found it affecting my mental and physical health a lot.

I deeply believe that Health, Happiness and personal power is very connected to our self expression and creativity. And that there hasn’t been a time like NOW, that the world needs all our creativity and self expression to shift the Frequencies of the planet.


Prices are incl. tax

Even though Mapije will do her very best to get you results, results can not be guaranteed.