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You long for something more FUN
and something more playful and sustainable in business and in life!!

It’s time to transform your inner parents,
into MYSTICAL inner parents, baby!!

To support your inner child the BEST way possible.

So that your inner Parents will Handle
all difficult situations from a place of power.

In service with the Highest Good of ALL.
Because a MYSTICAL force, is HOLLISTIC.

Which makes your inner child flourish,
enjoy and play the SHIT out of your life!

Mystical parents are mystical archetypes that your inner parents can evolve into.
Our natural inner parents are an exact copy of how we have been raised by our parents.

When we do healing work, we slowly change the inherited patterns and behavior
of our inner parents, with the potential of becoming mystical parents.

The King and Queen, God and Goddess archetypes
are part of the mystical parents.

They don’t think in black and white but wholistic.
They set boundaries and are connected to their truth.

They have a very open heart,
developed gut/womb and intuition.
They Act from PURE POWER,
bercause they are in harmony with Natural Law.

They are ultimate loving and caring for your inner child
and create the most safety for your Divine innerchild to feel safe AND free in!

Experiencing a playful innerchild is the side effect of this work.
And growing your business too!!

Prices are incl. tax

you will;

  • Experience wild playfulness and FUN!
  • With that playful expression, business growth is inevitable!
  • Be able to hold your innerchild through tough times in the best ways.
  • Become even more spiritually mature.
  • Experience more softness and ease in business with Mystical parents
  • Enjoy life as much as possible!!

in reparenting you’ll receive;

  • 10 weeks long every week 1 hour session with Mapije
  • 10 weeks of voxer support
  • 2 weeks of integration time
  • Psychic Surgery sessions
  • constellations
  • coaching

Prices are incl. tax

this is for you if you;

  • JUST WANT TO PLAY in life!!
  • want to feel more secure & confident
  • want to become more spiritually mature
  • want to raise your inner child differently then how your parents raised you.
  • are ready to take radical responsibility over your life
  • want to be the change we see in Leadership
  • want to own your parental projections and shift it.

this is not or you if you;

  • want to be saved and not do the inner work.
  • don’t want to take ownership of inner parents
  • want to find parents outside of you.
  • are blaming your parents for how they raised you.
  • can not own your projections yet.

Prices are incl. tax


The moment I found out as a little girl that ‘adults’ didn’t play,
I decided that I wanted to know why and change it.

I found out really fast that life was supposed to be ‘serious’ because life is ‘dangerous’.

So I wanted to know why.
This quest led me to Politics and Criminals.

I wanted to know why, Politics are going the way it goes. and why criminals behave like they behave.

I found that the way criminals and politicians behave , are coming from the exact same energetic dynamics.

The abandoned, wounded inner child.

First Quest accomplished: why do adults not play?

Second Quest, is it possible to change this? if yes, how?

This quest activated a profound spiritual awakening that started with a vision of two pillars on a checkerboard floor with the all seeying eye everywhere.

I started traveling the world to find the meaning of this vision and found out that it was a symbol for the mystical inner parents and the divine inner playful child.

With this quest, I discovered Natural Law and the Law of Mirroring. While I also discovered that I was abandoning my own inner child as well.

Can we change this? YES. How? By Mystically Reparenting my own inner child and then, be part of the Mystical Inner Parent movement to give birth to the playful divine inner child.

Prices are incl. tax

Even though Mapije will do her very best to get you results, results can not be guaranteed.