Sovereignty Bracelet


Bracelet for Self awareness


This special piece of spiritual technology supports your personal Leadership through the self awareness journey within.


Are you creating a movement? Are you leading groups? Are you creating that life of freedom for yourself? You deeply understand the importance of self awareness to become a master in your sacred manifestations.


The eye of Horus is the eye of awakening. This very special piece of spiritual technology helps you on your path of self awareness and awakening.

I started this design at the beginning of my spiritual journey when I was thrown into the deep darkness. It took me a few years to design and create this incredible kinetic piece.

The design was received in a vision through the guidance of HORUS. It’s designed in 3D en made with 3D printing technology and handwork.

When you feel this piece is yours to support you further along your journey, we’ll schedule an online ritual to activate and use the spiritual technology of my transformer arms (energy surgery) to program this piece to your DNA.

(through a zoomcall)


You can choose which crystal stone you want in the eye:

Lapis Lazuli

Tiger Eye





each bracelet is created by personal order and takes a few weeks to make.

If you feel a BURNING YESS! But you can’t afford to Pay in Full, Send me a message, I can create a payment plan for you!

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