[SOLID GOLD] Liberation Necklace pendant


The light shines through the cracks of the heart.
When you let the emotions break the heart open,
the broken heart turns into wings.


One does not become enlightened by imagen figures of light, but by making the dark conscious” – Carl Jung

“Making the dark conscious is so much more bearable when you imagen figures of light.” – Mapije

Make your pain Sacred so that you can live a Free live.

The pain holds the wisdom to realize your dreams.

This pendant is designed in 3D, using 3D print technologies and crafted by hand afterwards. Made with 14K solid gold. (56 gram)
It’s a design that most Jewelry makers told me was impossible to realise. But here I am, sharing this piece with you!

Intention Ritual
This necklace comes with an intentional ritual that connects it to a powergrid of love and soft sacred bedding, so that feeling through your (deeper) wounds becomes less raw and more bearable. So you can alchemise it yourself.

These frequencies will be programmed in the pendant through a ritual before I sent the Pendant to you.

It takes around 1 to 2 months to make the pendant for you.
Shippingcost is included in the price.


Additional information

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with 40 cm necklace, with 50 cm necklace, with 60 cm necklace


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