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In this Energy Surgery session I’ll strip you down from all that isn’t you.
So that your natural flow, natural being and natural gifts will enhance and catalyse more power.

My arms transform into eatheric tools while I can see with my third eye very clearly what is in your field that doesn’t belong there. Like old programs that don’t serve you anymore, processed trauma, entities and/or ancestral & pastlife karma.

This session will give you effortless alignment
more clarity around intuition and inner guidance.
Deeper and stronger connection to your higherself embodiment.
Wisdom and answers coming to you with ease.

and just over all, a feeling of more freedom, where ever you are at on your spiritual journey and where you are going.

This is an online session through zoom.
When you’ve bought this, we’ll schedule a zoomcall where you can set intentions and then just relax while I do the eatheric operation on your field.

It takes 1.5  to 2 hours of your time.
Let’s co create some deep magic together!



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