Evolution of Scorpio

These are the four symbolic stages of the transformation
of the ego through the shadow, which we know
as the Zodiac archetype Scorpio.

The scorpion stings because it reacts through trauma response.
Only when the Scorpion is like, fuck this shit,
I don’t want to live like this anymore, it will transform into the Snake.

The snake starts to feel through the body to feel through the subconscious shadows
to bring the shadows to the light of our consciousness, so it can be alchemised.

Then the Snake transforms into the Eagle,
who has a perspective of overview and can fly around.

When this cycle of death and rebirth,
scorpio, snake, eagle, has gone endlessly, life long.
Then in very rare cases, the Eagle can transform into the Phoenix.

Which is Christ / Buddha consciousness.

Support your Personal Growth by programming your subconscious mind with these powerful symbols that anchors in daily transformation for you.