Your Essence Energy as Soul Portrait

now 50% off for the next two OIL portraits!

This offer includes permission to use your portrait to showcase for promotion.

 In the deepest core within you,

There is an energy, so pure.

A light, so bright.
A gem, so precious.
A Crystal, so Unique.

This essence soul energy wants;

to be seen,
to be felt,
to be embodied.
to be created with.

and align you to your highest timeline,
your biggest dreams,
your wildest desires,
your biggest impact.
your most optimal potential.

while supporting you through;

your darkest shadows,
your deepest wounds
your biggest fears.

Speaking to you, through a Soul Essence Portrait, that functions as a portal.

With my Transformer arms, I do Energy Surgery to clear all the energies that got attached to you, along the way.
I clear the layers, until I reach that Essence, Pure energy, of who you truly are.
I can see it so clearly when it becomes visible to me.
It is a Divine Frequency, that can not be touched.
and then I translate that for you, in a painting on canvas.

now 50% off for the next two OIL portraits!

This offer includes permission to use your portrait to showcase for promotion.

Deep. In the core.
There’s a unique frequency.
An energy.
That can not be touched.
It is your soul’s frequency.
Your Essence.
Divine Truth.
It holds.

Where you came from.
Your Home.
Your being.


In it’s truth.

Beyond trauma.
Beyond skin.
Beyond programming.
It can be witnessed
In the other dimensions
As pure energy
And it can
Be translated
Into a painting.
For you
To remember
Every day.

What it will give you:

  • Energy Surgery of 1 hour, to make your essense energy (more) visible.
  • All the Healing Qualities that come with Energy Surgery
  • Incredible Beautiful Artwork.
  • Insured shipping
  • Unique oil on canvas. 60x80cm / 80x120cm
  • An incredible deep soul journey
  • Daily frequency activations
  • Daily Inner guidance
  • Daily self Empowerment
  • Daily Clarity in Alignment
  • High Frequency Manifestations
  • Embodiment rememberence
  • Daily Priestess & Goddess codes activations
  • Something completely authentic to you
  • An artwork with magical powers
  • A portal for your highest timeline.
  • A portal showing you HOME, everyday
  • The power of an Art Portal, like a visionboard on steroids


This is for you,
if you want to:

  • Have daily support and guidance in your soul’s mission.
  • Be able to connect back to yourself after turmoil happening in life.
  • Be able to always connect to yourself deeper.
  • Feel at home in yourself, in moments of distress.
  • Re-align with your purpose when you got distracted.
  • Fill an empty space in your office or home that needs great art.
  • Subconsciously be on a deep soul journey, just by being home/in your office.

now 50% off for the next two OIL portraits!

This offer includes permission to use your portrait to showcase for promotion.

If you are looking for a Fine Artpiece
for your Office or Home to support
your Sacred Purpose here on earth
and you resonate with my Energy,


Because I am offering one of my most aligned offers,
by combining my two most powerful soul gifts of
Energy Surgery and Portrait painting.

Where you don’t only receive a beautiful painting but also,
a very deep long soul journey AND powerful Energy Surgery.

If you feel the desire to have your Soul Essence Energy
translated on Canvas, then this is how we roll…


After your purchase, (The price includes also the Energy Surgery session AND shippingcost)
we make an appointment for an Energy Surgery session of one hour.
Which is a multidimensional operation with my Transformer-arms
that can transform into energetic tools. Clearing away
all the Energies that are blocking my view of your Essence Energy.

How do I know I am seeing your essence soul energy?

Because it is THE TRUTH, therefore I can not
change or manipulate it with my arm-tools.
And because it (ALWAYS) has the Highest
Frequencies and the most beautiful expressions.

When I reach your Essence Energy,
I start to observe and see all the colors,
symbols, forms, expressions and frequencies
that are being shown to me.

I memorize these and make sketches right away.


There are two options for you.
We can either use a nice photo of you
for reference that you’ve made in past shoots
or something we both like from Social Media.

Or you can book a shoot with my favorite
Portrait Photographer, who does virtual shoots.
(this is not included in the price. More info )


After we picked the right photo for reference together,
I’ll start the designing process, using digital media
to sketch out the design and the energy,
until it feels about right before I start painting on the Actual Canvas.

Again there are two options here.
One option is where I share the process with you,
and we can talk about it along the way.

Or, if you want to go all the way for the suprise experience,
in full trust & surrender mode,
you’ll only see the finished product after it has been shipped.


I’m going to take hours and hours of painting,
channeling, remembering, finetuning,
crystal scouting, designing and more painting.

To eventually send the Finished painting to you by international mail.

now 50% off for the first two OIL portraits!

This offer includes permission to use your portrait to showcase for promotion.

The example of the Swamp Priestess is a digitally made portrait, after seeing her energy through Energy Surgery.
The example with the wolf is an oil painting, but made without seeing energy through energy surgery.
So you can expect a combination of styles of those two examples and even better and more, because I always get better at it.


a painting is like a visionboard on steroids

Imagen the power of your visionboard, times hundreds hours of time,
energy, focus, intention and dedication.

Here’s one example of the power of paintings and how they work as portals:

When I was traveling the world, in search for Guidance
of how my
 Multidimensional Transformer Arms worked,
I was guided to go to Australia.

After I gave my Artist friend (Sander Bos)  a Portrait as gift.
He gifted me one back. He choose an Alice in Wonderland
 Photo of mine
and painted this as a portrait on canvas.

Then a few years later, other friends of mine,
found a copy of this portrait painting, in a shop in Australia.

When I went to Australia to look for that Shop,
I met a Girl and her name was Alice.
She invited me to stay with her
 and brought me to her
Alice in Wonderland House.

After this experience, I’ve been using paintings consciously
as a manifestation tool for my own healing journey.

ABout Mapije


Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve been drawing people. On vacations I asked friends and family to be my model, so I could learn to draw portraits.

After finishing Art school, I learned how to draw speedportraits and made my money that way.

Then my Spiritual awakening came in 2014. I slowly started waking up to having Multidimensional Transformer arms.

These Inspector Gadget-like arms, can transform into all kind of energetic tools, to do multidimensional operations with.

Along the journey, I have been initiated into several shamanic cultures, all over the world, over the past 8 years, to learn how to work with  my Multidimensional Transformer arms. (while making my money with drawing portraits on the streets)

and now, these two incredible gifts, want to be shared and expressed,
to fullfull their purpose.

P.s. This photo of me, is taken by Maria Cavali, through a Virtual Photoshoot.

If you have any questions or if you want to connect with me,
leave a message here

or DM me on Insta or Facebook.

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All rights of the art, stay with the Artist, unless otherwise discussed.
Energy Surgery is not a substitute for professional mental health support.
No refunds available.