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Imagen that creative ideas and solutions to problems just come to you natually.

You don’t have to force, thinking about solutions or creative ideas.

You don’t have to find solutions by pushing through or trying to think outside of the box.

But you naturally receive solutions and creative ideas because your connection to the plane of solutions is strong.

Innovation just flows through you, because there are no energies anymore blocking that connection and that flow.

You can just tap into it, whenever you want.

Prices are incl. possible tax

What you will receive;


  • A better connection to the frequencies of innovation
  •  More ease and flow in creativity
  •  Access to the realms of solutions
  • Tapping into new ideas
  • Access to Advanced Spiritual Technology


Through working with me, other clients have experienced;


  • Breakthroughs in their businesses
  • Breakthroughs in their Comedy career.
  • Better access to their creativity and new ideas.
  • More clarity on their mission, purpose and aligned life path.


In the Innovator you will get

  • One Energy Surgery session
  • How to create a sacred space to work in
  • Energetic guidance and tools
  • One session of 2 hours


Prices are incl. possible tax

This is for you if you;

  • Want more ease in coming up with solutions and creative ideas.
  • Are a pionier and trailblazer
  • Are a leader that has a lot of responsibility
  • Are in a leading position of innovation
  • Are any kind of designer or engineer
  • You believe in Energywork
  • You believe there is a way for Technology, Spirituality and Nature to work together in Harmony


This is NOT for you if you;

  • Are not open to energywork
  • Don’t believe that the world consists of frequencies
  • Don’t believe that Technology and Spirituality are working together.
  • Are completely left brained with absolutely no right brain development.
  • Are not willing co-create results for you

Prices are incl. possible tax

Who is Mapije?

During my education at the High school of Arts; Design for virtual theatre & Games, in Utrecht the Netherlands, I was in a place of creative innovation.

We innovated our own tech-designs like virtual reality glasses with 360 x 480 px video glasses and sensors of wiimotes in helmets in 2009. Creating theatrical escape rooms with it.

I knew I was in a place of pioniering and innovation. I was connected to tech world because of this. Then I completely left the Tech world in 2016 when my spiritual awakening swallowed me. I went through a lot of shamanic initiations to become an Energy Surgeon as I woke up to Ancient Spiritual Technology that brings Spirituality, Nature and Technology together.

In building my business around my gift as an Energy Surgeon, I realized that for Pioniers like myself, it is very important to not get caught up in the tricks of the mind or trying to find solutions from the mind while leading with integrity and responsibility.

Because if there’s one thing I learned in my initiations, is that if you want to think outside of the box, or want to find solutions to innovations, you want to shift energies and frequencies, to get to other realms of thoughts and ideas.


Prices are incl. possible tax

Even though Mapije will do her very best to get you results, results can not be guaranteed.